NEW Over the Top 2017: The Match that Stole the Show


There were a lot of positives to take away from Northeast Wrestling’s 2017 Over the Top event from Waterbury, Connecticut.  The main event was a thrilling encounter that saw NEW champion TK O’Ryan retain his title against former NXT star Sammi Callihan. Travis “Flip” Gordon and Ricochet had an encounter that showed off both Gordon’s and Ricochet’s ring prowess and athletic ability. Northeast Wrestling also had their 30 man Over the Top contest where every 90 seconds another wrestler would  enter the fray and the winner would receive a match for the NEW title. The person who was the last man standing was Mike Bennett and Bennett will get a shot at TK O’Ryan and O’Ryan’s NEW title. Yet with all of that fantastic wrestling action there was one match that stole the show.

Keith Lee and Donovan Dijak had a previous encounter in NEW in October of 2016 with Keith Lee coming out on top. Both men competed in a rematch that ended with the crowd giving both wrestlers a standing ovation when the bell rang. On first impression Dijak appears to be built of a similar mold as Ivan Drago from Rocky 4.Dijak is an imposing figure who looks like a formidable force that can crush any opponent that steps in the squared circle with him. If Dijak was an irresistible force than Keith Lee was the immovable object as Lee gave off a feeling that no man or force would be able to stop Lee from claiming victory.

The match itself had me on the edge of my seat as the drama and tension kept on building during the match. There were chair shots and outside interference in the contest but neither the chair shot or interference decided the fall. The standout moment for  Keith Lee was when Lee ascended to the top rope and was able to execute a Moonsault or as Keith Lee likes to call it a Doomsault. And if you had a 290 pound man such as Keith Lee crashing down onto you it would have been the doom of many men but the move could not put away Dijak.

The highlight for Dijak was when Dijak executed a flipping piledriver or a Candian Destroyer to those fans of former TNA start Petey Williams. Yet, as impressive as the move was Lee was able to break the referee’s count before the referee counted to three.  At this point in the match Dijack and Lee had the crowd buzzing with anticipation and wonder if every audience member wondering what would need to happen to end this contest.   Finally Lee was able to turn back Dijack’s cronies with a vicious chair shot and Lee was able to have his hand raised in victory.

After the bell rang the crowd voiced their opinion and applauded the two men for putting on an athletic, entertaining, and drama filled match that illustrated both men’s abilities in the ring. While this was already a rematch of Lee and Dijack I do not think any person in the audience for Over the Top 2017 would mind if Lee and Dijack have one more match for Northeast Wrestling.

by Tom Terrific

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