Wrestler Spotlight: Rex Lawless

In Greek mythology Poseidon is the god of the sea who was aided by his powerful trident. In Ancient Greece many believed that Poseidon was the source of earthquakes. In the 21st century when the Pectoral Poseidon Rex Lawless moves it would not be shocking if there was an earthquake, tidal wave or volcanic explosions because of the power displayed by this man. All of those are just some of the side effects of having the largest pecs in the world of wrestling.

How does someone get the largest pecs in the world of wrestling? By having an intense workout regimen and diet. Every week Lawless is the gym banging and clanging with the weights but throwing around heavy weight is only one part of lawless workout. DDP Yoga is also utilized by Lawless and helps Lawless move around the ring like a cruiser weight.

Rex’s in- ring style has been influenced by other athletic big men such as Undertaker, Kane, and Mike Awesome. Moves that can be executed by the massive Lawless such as senton over the top rope, superplex, full nelson into a backbreaker, buckle bomb, rolling Samoa drop, hurracarrana, are associated with cruiserweights. Rex can also use traditional power moves such as the fall away slam, Vader Bomb, and to finish the opponent Lawless uses the choke bomb,

The only place that could give birth to the man that would become Rex Lawless would be the same place that gave birth to Michael Jordan and Notorious BIG, Brooklyn, New York. In 2010 Lawless debuted for New York Wrestling Connection and the world of wrestling would never be the same. A man as powerful and skilled as Lawless was destined to wear championship gold as he has been a four-time tag team champion in NYWC, one time NYWC Fusion championship and was a two time Five Borough Tag Team Championship. Out of his six tag team reigns 4 times Lawless partner was Blake Morris as they form the tandem Flawless & Lawless.

And Lawless’s career is not done. Rex will have many more matches ahead of him and many more potential victims who will feel his power and wrath. If you can go out and see Rex Lawless combine his massive size and uncanny athletic ability to dominate the squared circle.

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