Wrestler Spotlight: Travis “Flip” Gordon

Before Travis Gordon enter the rings the crowd is already in a frenzy as the audience is chanting in unison “flip,flip,flip”. When asked about how he got the nickname flip Gordon responded, “  It kinda just happened”. When asked on the emotion Gordon feels when he hears the crowd chanting his moniker Gordon states “ It’s amazing such an adrenaline rush and it gets me so excited”.

While an adrenaline rush is what Gordon feels upon walking into the ring those in attendance feel an adrenaline rush while watching Gordon’s match. Expect to see highly acrobatic moves in a “Flip” Gordon match that you will not see in a mainstream wrestling event. Flip can execute graceful drop kicks, suicide dives, moonsaults from almost any location in the ring, a 450 splash from the top rope, along with hurracarrana. And after seeing one of Gordon’s matches you will know why Gordon is given the nicknames flip and air.

The in-ring abilities of Gordon have been a blend of some of the best wrestlers the industry has seen. When it comes to high-risk maneuvers Gordon has been inspired by the likes of Paul London and Super Crazy. And for any wrestler to be successful he or she needs to have power moves and who better to take power moves from than one of the most successful yet polarizing figures in wrestling history John Cena.

And Gordon can also compete against wrestlers of any skillset. Gordon can have high-flying exhibitions against Ricochet and Rude Boy Riley. When it comes to powerhouses Flip can square off against the likes of Donovan Dijak and Gordon can use his speed and athletic ability to counterbalance the strength of one of the American Destroyers.

When it comes to a dream opponent Gordon choice a wrestler who passed at an age way to you and that was Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero was one of the workhorses who had great matches with Dean Malenko in both ECW and WCW. Part of the reason why WCW was able to compete with WWE in the late 1990s was because of the high-quality matches Guerrero had with whoever he went against. Guerrero even defeated one of the most powerful forces on the planet in Brock Lesnar for the WWE title in February 2004. While we can only imagine the match that Gordon would have with Guerrero it would no doubt be a wrestling masterpiece.

With his combination of athletic ability, power, and charisma Travis “Flip” Gordon is one of the premier wrestlers in the world. Gordon has been in the ring with some of the best wrestlers today and has beaten some of the best wrestlers in the world. If you are looking for the next wrestling sensation look no further than Travis “Flip” Gordon.

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