Wrestler Spotlight: Donovan Dijack


dijackMany of those who compete in sports are either blessed with significant size and strength or athletic ability. Very few competitors are blessed with having all of those attributes but Donovan Dijack does have all of those traits. Standing at 6-7 and 265 pounds Dijack is an imposing figure in the wrestling ring and his look is similar to Ivan Drago from Rocky IV. When asked if Drago influenced Dijack’s look Dijack stated “Yes it is. One of the best characters in cinematic history.” And when Dijack enters the squared circle the doppelganger for Drago can put on a performance that will steal the show.

Whether Dijack is in the ring against Keith Lee, Cody Rhodes, or War Beard Hanson, Dijack and his opponent can tear the house down. At Northeast Wrestling Over the Top in January 2017 Dijack’s match with Keith Lee was spectacular as their encounter was filled with drama, suspense, and a demonstration of wrestling prowess.  When Dijack took on Cody Rhodes the chair shot Rhodes gave to Dijack is one of the most ferocious chair shots in the history of wrestling. To prove how powerful the chair shot was that Rhodes gave to Dijack the video of that attack by Rhodes went viral among devoted wrestling followers.

What helps Dijack leave a strong impression on the audience is a moveset that decimates Dijack’s opponent. Dijack can kip up similar to Shawn Michaels and also provide a decimating big boot along with a crescent kick. While many powerhouses stay off the top rope Donovan can execute a standing moonsault, corkscrew moonsault from the top turnbuckle,   along with a suicide dive outside the ring proving wrestler over 250 pounds can be high fliers. One of the most spectacular moves executed by Dijack is a flipping piledriver or a Candian Destroyer used by Petey Williams. And when Dijack’s opponent is vulnerable Dijack executes the “Feast Your Eyes” which is a backbreaker rack into a knee drop.

During a Dijack match, it is not uncommon to hear the crowd reciprocate their appreciation of the match by chanting “this is awesome” and “holy shit”. When the match is over and the announcer proclaims the victor the audience giving Dijack a standing ovation for the match Dijack had is nothing new. When asked about having the best match on the show “ It’s my goal for every show I’m on, so it makes me feel accomplished” says Dijack.

Now if you are a true wrestling fan who wants to see raw power along with a combination of high flying moves your search can stop. Dijack has both of those qualities and the mindset to put together stellar matches. And if you are not a believer in Dijack all you have to do is feast your eyes on a Dijack match and you will become a true believer.

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