Matches of the Night NEW Rumble in Rockland

NEW has established itself as the premier independent wrestling promotion in the Northeast. Every event has a mix of established stars with some wrestlers who will be the future of the business. The NEW card of June 10th had some legendary performers make an appearance such as Jerry “the King” Lawler, Mick Foley, and Rey Mysterio. While this trio along with Kelly Kelly Kelly and Corey Graves experienced mainstream exposure the match of the night would go to two matches that electrified the crowd.

The first stellar match was Donovan Dijack v Keith Lee.  Having been in the audience for a previous encounter between these two that tore the roof off the place this match had high expectations . Adding Mick Foley at ringside, who had some of the most iconic moments in pro wrestling history, added another element to the match.  This encounter between Dijack and Lee did not disappoint as the drama kept on building and the audience did not know who would get his hand raised at the end of the match. Finally Lee was able to have Dijack succumb to a second thunderous power bomb and Lee was able to be victorious.

While this match would be difficult to follow Flip Gordon and Sami Callihan were up to the task. The action was so fierce in this encounter Gordon and Callihan could not be contained by the ring or ringside area but the two combatants spilled into the crowd. There were also situations where both Callihan and Gordon literally ran around the bases at Palisades Credit Union Park. The conclusion of this match occurred when Gordon executed a corkscrew springboard stunner off the ropes to finally keep Callihan down for the 1,2,3.

When asked why he always performs for NEW, Flip responded “I believe NEW puts some of the best shows on the indie scene and I love being apart of it.” Gordon also describes the fan base and locker room of NEW too “The fans are passionate and the locker room is like a family”.

Having scene three NEW shows in person this year NEW provides a wrestling experience that very few can match let alone surpass.  Also, having scene Keith Lee, Donovan Dijack, Flip Gordon, and Sami Callihan multiple times each of the individuals alone is worth the price of admission. So if given the opportunity to see a NEW show or any of the four wrestlers live, treat yourself, you will not regret your decision.

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