Kayfabe Nation Podcast 8-28-2018

NXT Takeover and SummerSlam has come and gone hear what the Nation has to say about the event…Listen as the crew drops their opinion on the Ricochet v Adam Cole and the Ciampa and Gargano last man standing match…Find out how the Nation felt about SummerSlam having 14 matches and a few of the squash matches…  Get the guys take on the Becky Lynch heel turn and Roman Reigns winning the Universal championship along with the Shield reuniting… Also this plus more on this weeks episode.


Kayfabe Nation Podcast 8-17-2018

This week on Kayfabe Nation… the crew discusses what they did on vacation as Cronk welcomes another child into the world… Evan describes his staycation as Evan list the vacation-themed movie list…Tom Terrific drops one of the most earth-shattering news and notes in the history of Kayfabe Nation and the world of Pro Wrestling… Keith provides expertise on Hulk Hogan’s “apology”… The crew weights in on Dave Meltzer’s comment about show favorite Peyton Royce…Plus NXT Takeover and SummerSlam preview and predictions

Kayfabe Nation Podcast 8-3-2018

This week on Kayfabe Nation…Evan tells us about his “bad” morning and how Evan channels Hulk Hogan in problem solving…Brick Brownstone returns to the podcast to discuss the KCW Universial Championship and how Brick is preparing for the semi-final of the tournament… Cronk drops a bombshell anouncement involving the KCW Universial tourney…Rory Fugi takes us deep into his training regement as Rory prepares to clash with Dark Knight Evan White… The Crew reveals the shortcomings of the allegeded party animal Evan White as Evan predicts his semi-final match against Rory Fugi… and Tom Terrific’s audio viagra news and notes.

Kayfabe Nation Podcast 7-9-18

This week on the Kayfabe Nation Podcast….KEITH CUTS A PROMO FOR THE AGES on a gun-toting, attention seeking, small-minded, millennial brat who decided to insult New York City, its citizens and the contents of its sidewalks…….Andre 3000 joins the show to apologize on behalf of Kimani Lo Lo for the Wardrobe Malfunction that took place last week during her match at the Elks Lodge…….Julius Cronk also makes an appearance and lets his feelings be known on the “tuck rule” incident….PLUS: Why was Big Cass Really fired?, What happened in Bray Wyatt’s car accident, Why does Goldberg want to come back?, Tom’s problem with bringing Ruby Riot home to his parents AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Kayfabe Nation Podcast 6-29-18

This week on the Kayfabe Nation Podcast…… We remember Big Van Vader….His matches, his entrance, stiffing the Sh*t out of people, and how he scared Keith As a child!!…. MITB 2018 is in the books!! Show Favorite Braun Stroman Joins the show to talk about his big win, grapes, bowel movements, and Liberal New Yorkers…..The guys also break down the rest of the card…….Big Cass was FIRED!! WHY? HOW? Was he fired for being a 7 foot D Nozzle? PLUS:Tom Terrific’s new and notes

Kayfabe Nation Podcast 6-15-18

This week on the Kayfabe Nation podcast…. K.C.W. Announcer Cash Watley joins the guys at Crystal Lake Studios to discuss the first ever KCW PPV, share road stories, discuss fitness & much more…..MITB 2018 is here, and we have the greatest preview in wrestling podcasts ready…..NXT is ready to take over Chicago once again, another spine tingling preview awaits…..PLUS:Tom Terrific’s award winning news and notes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayfabe Nation Podcast 6-8-18

Kayfabe Nation is BACK!!…..Hot off the heels of our first ever PPV live from the Elks Lodge in Yorktown Heights Ny!!!!!……..We hear from Braun, Brick, Kimani, Bruiser, Stetson, Evan, Rory & Cronks dad Julius after there big wins…..BRAUN VS NOAH FEINSTEIN matched aired lived in entirety…….PLUS:Toms Terrifics news and notes, CM Punk trial, Brock vs Roman again?, Bobby Lashley sucks, John Cena & Nikki Bella & MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Kayfabe Nation podcast 5-11-18

This week on the KayFabe Nation Podcast!…….We discuss the DISASTER that was Backlash 2018…..Was their even one good match?……How many Balls need to be harmed on one storyline?…..Tom Terrific & The Audio Wizard have some new additions to the POS list…John Cena has reportedly rebounded with a WWE Diva/SmokeShow…….PLUS:NEWS, NOTES & NONSENSE