Kayfabe Nation 3-30-18

This week on the Kayfabe Nation podcast!!!….. Strong Style Evolved is in the books & Keith is NOT HAPPY with the local cable provider!!….What is Hulk Hogans best movie?……. Is Ronda Rousey rude, a complete moron, or in complete denial of her MMA past? We discuss her ESPN interview train wreck…… Evan is ‘holding out’ for more money to engineer the show, he points out the parallels between his and Odell Beckham Junior current situation……All storylines on the Super Highway Road to Wreslemania are discussed……PLUS: Tom Terrific’s News & Notes, The Big Wookie’s casual fan perspective, constant Sophomoric humor, hijinx, Vodka Soda’s & Audio Wizardry!!!



Kayfabe Nation Podcast 3-23-18

This week on the KAYFABE NATION PODCAST!!!….DANIEL BRYAN IS BACK!!!!….The Yes man makes his emotional return on SMACKDOWN LIVE this week to the surprise of the WWE universe!!….. FINAL deletion is in the BOOKS! We review, and break Down Bray Wyatt’s regression over the past year…….Will AJ Styles miss Wrestlemania?…is the HULKSTER returning? THAT and MUCH MORE THIS WEEK ON KAYFABE NATION!!!!

Kayfabe Nation Podcast 3-19-18

This week on the Kayfabe Nation podcast: Evan White takes the guys to task for lack of effort, then ruins a Braun Stroman interview…..John Cena VS The Undertaker is finally a reality, are the guys excited?……Tom Terrific Provides us with his NEWS & NOTES of the week….WWE FASTLANE is broken down into a fine powder…..PLUS: …………………LOTS OF OTHER STUFF!!


Kayfabe Nation Podcast 3-5-18


This week on the Kayfabe Nation Podcast………we make a few more additions to the POS list, with a little help from the RABID fan base/ minions following on Twitter!!!……… AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION BROCK LESNAR!!…..That’s right. Evan White traveled to Maryfield, Canada, the current home Of Brock Lesnar, and was able to get 5 minutes with the Man Beast outside a Tim Horton’s Resturant!!!!…….What does Brock eat for Breakfast? Does he listen to Kayfabe Nation & we get His responses to insults thrown his way by Tom Terrific Mcallister …….We got through the good the bad and the ugly in regards to WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER, how predictable were the outcomes, is Braun even more OVER now in the oss? ALSO : NEWS, NOTES, RAW, SMACKDOWN, HIJINX, NONSENSE, TOM FOOLERY, OFFENSIVE COMMENTS, SOPHMORIC HUMOR & SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Kayfabe Nation Podcast 2-23-18


This week on the Kayfabe nation Podcast….It’s A P.O.S. extravaganza!!! As P.O.S. Friday returns!!!….. Everyone’s favorite Wookie graces us with his newest installment of the Punch on Site list!….This time with help from The Audio Wizard Keith Farrell , Tom Terrific, and a disgruntled fantasy football league!……We add the most names to the list in show HISTORY!!! …..How exactly do you punch the Olympics in the face? What is Cronk’s problem with Barr Gibb? Why does Tom want to Assault Susan Waldman?……. ALL THAT AND MORE this week on the Kayfabe Nation podcast!!!
PLUS: We do actually talk about Elimination Chamber, break it down, and make spectacularly amazing predictions!!!